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Medical grade skincare can be a big step.  Figuring out the best options for your skin type, learning what all the serums are for, timing things out according to downtime requirements and sometimes budget requirements, can be exhausting.  So many times we buy a package of one type of treatment, perhaps on promo, hoping for the best only to be left with lack luster results or given a list of three other types of treatments we're going to need, in order to really see a true difference in our skin's texture, elasticity and collagen production.

We've all been there, tried all the laser, microneedle, ultrasound treatments and injectables out there.  We agree, there has to be a better way to navigate these various treatments without all the guesswork.  That's why we've compiled a collection of nine most popular medical grade facials into one interchangeable membership program. 

Each month our members pick their preferred medical grade facial, based on the season, skincare needs and of course recommendations from our skilled medical staff.  The best part?  It's all offered at one flat monthly membership rate of $149/mo.

And did we mention our Skin Rx members receive up to 50% off upgrades such as Utherapy, injectables and even laser hair removal? Inquire Now


A complete no effort lifestyle choice, hair free full body laser.  We offer three different full body body laser plans to meet everyone's budget.

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