Our Why


Fresh glowing skin peeking out through a soft wrap, messy bun, sleep shorts and cozy socks is how we define beauty.  We celebrate that radiant selfie, were the light captured the baby pink of your cheeks or brilliant white smile.  Love hearing how you rolled out of bed and greeted yourself with a “hello beautiful” and meant it.  It’s these moments that make up the glimpses of joy in our lives making us feel valued and loved.  Self loved. 


For us it’s about a lounge lifestyle, full of relaxing surroundings and the people we love to spend time with.  Our spa aesthetic is consciously designed to create a seamless environment, where you come to socialize with our medical team like you would a trusted friend.  Medical grade facials, injectables and laser are the what, but you, getting that confidence building result is the why.  You are the star of your movie and your stage.  It’s what we mean when we say: Lights on please.

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