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Are You Ready to Own?

  • Over 60 Million Millennials will Turn 40 During This Decade

  • The Medspa Industry is Predicted to Grow to Over $27 Billion Before 2030

  • You Can Launch, Train and Get Started for Under $175K

Medspa Franchises

You already have the expertise to offer a menu of medical grade services to clients. Surely it can’t be too difficult to find appropriate retail lounge space and put a staff in place?  It sounds simple enough... But is it?

Points to consider:

  • What are the needs and concerns that draw clients through the door, and how do you address them?

  • How do you create an environment that is welcoming and not intimidating, so clients feel good about being in your spa and want to come back again and again?

  • How do you make your services attainable for a broad range of clientele and still maintain a healthy bottom line?

  • How do you efficiently move clients through the schedule, and still communicate all there is for them to know?

  • What steps should be taken to ensure your staff is empowered to create an excellent experience for your clients?

  • How will you deal with problems that arise if there isn’t another department to “handle them”?

  • How many staff members will you hire? Who will train them?

  • What technology platforms will you use to manage day-to-day operations?


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Staffing Expertise

  • Hiring + Vetting Techniques to Save Time and Money

  • Training Strategies with 10 Years of Proven Success

  • HR Training and Support to Maintain Compliance

  • Proven Clinical Training Resources

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Marketing Expertise

  • Vetted Best Marketing Funnels and Solutions

  • Proven Promo Strategies with 10x Profitability

  • Hundreds of Email and Social Templates

  • Sales and Marketing Training for Your Staff

Proven Menu Strategies

  • Equipment and Treatments that Make the Most Profit

  • Training Formulas to Onboard + Train Staff in Record Time

  • Quality curated vendor and products sources

  • Recession proof menu bundles that will always sell

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Location Selection

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  • Scouting the Most Profitable Site Selections

  • Low to No-Cost Build Out Strategies

  • Functional Chic Design without High Cost

  • Room Requirements for Maximum Profitability

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